First off, I guess I am a little slow, since I didn't even know that our CAD server had Windows 2000 server software on it, or that AutoCAD no longer supports Windows 2000 (any version)...?
It seems I can't get a new server for a while, and so....

Did any of you know that there is a work-around for this?
Probably not, as you are not living in the dark ages, as I am forced to.

Care to know how?
Well, even if you don't care, here it is...

  1. Install the upgraded License Manager on the Server (win2000 compatible!!!)
  2. Install the MSI Image to the server from a work station that has windows XP. (Make sure you reboot after installation).
  3. Launch the image from the work station, and yee-haaw! Again, make sure to reboot.
This worked for me today, and I thought I was going to have to wait for weeks for my IS department to build me a server.

I hope this information helps some poor CAD person who is at the mercy of their IS staff who don't understand us CAD addicts, and our need for the eternal upgrade fix <<<<>>>>>.