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Thread: Backburner Server Service Problem

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    Default Backburner Server Service Problem

    We are running a combination of Max 9 and Max Design 2009 with Backburner 2007 running as a service on our render farm machine. We are using the "Week Schedule" feature within Backburner monitor to control when the render farm machine become available, however we are noticing that Backbirner Server Service still wants to consume 50% of a workstations processor time when it is not active. Has anyone else run into this and found a solution?

    The majority of the render farm machines are desktop workstations that are used from 9 to 5. But in the evening we want to add those machines to the farm and this has proved to be very beneficial. However, Max needs to shut down when not in use and this is not happening.


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    Default Re: Backburner Server Service Problem

    BB is hit or miss for me. Soemtimes it does exactly right, sometimes it just does whatever it wants. It doesn't seem like anyone's terribly interested in fixing it either... sorry.

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    Default Re: Backburner Server Service Problem

    We have Backburner set up as a Windows "service" so that there is no need to open or close Max. It's also beneficial if the machine goes down, the service can still come back up even if no one has logged in. Honestly, it runs faster when not logged in so we have everyone restart their workstations every night before they leave. Give the cache a clean slate too. We still have the occasional workstation or server node that refuses to cooperate so it's not completely failsafe.

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