I've been asking this for a while now,, Even Talked to an Adesk Rep about it, He said it sounds Great,, But yet to see it.
Concerning Holes.

I would like to see:
Add Column in Clearance.xls, For a ckeck box. to designate distance or thru.
Add another column in Clearance .xls for The distance (if used)
Add another column for Custom Hole description.
Which is what will show up in the Hole table/Leader Note.

Add column with Check box to Thread.xls for Distance/Thru
Add Column for Tap depth
Add colum for Drill depth
Add Column for Custom Description to be used in Holetable/Leader Note.

This would boost my productivity By far more than anything.
And once You set up the Clearance.xls & Thread.xls you could use your company standard descriptions or ansi,, whatever you want.
And pre defining the Distance/thru, Tap & drill depth would save a lot of time. Since I have to change it every single time i place a hole now.

Another big help would be to make it so that Hole table Tag leaders point to the Center point of the Hole instead of being stuck at the upper right corner.. Maybe even have them behave how the Hole/Thread note leader does (How it rotates with the note)

Another thing too (Which i still can't beleive it does)
Make "O" & "I" omitted from the Hole table tags...
That has caused several problems when the prints get to the shop floor.

Anyway, These would benefit me more than anything..