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Thread: New Plot Device - LISP Routine

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    Default New Plot Device - LISP Routine

    We just upgraded our plotting device and I need to get the new page setups into each of our CAD drawings.

    We have two seperate page setup files. One for 24x36 and another for 30x42. Currently when someone opens a drawing they have to manually run "PSIN30" or "PSIN24" ( our shortcuts coommands for importing pagesetups) to delete the old page setups and import the new ones.

    Can someone help me write a lisp routine that will detect the existing pagesetups in the file, and automatically run "PSIN30" or "PSIN24" when the file is opened.

    We are running AutoCAD Architectural 2005.

    Much appreciated.

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    Default Re: New Plot Device - LISP Routine

    This should get you a list of all plot settings in a drawing
    (mapcar 'cdr(vl-remove-if-not '(lambda(x)(=(car x)3))(dictsearch(namedobjdict) "ACAD_PLOTSETTINGS")))

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