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Thread: How Do I Plot PaperSpace View w/ NO Offset?

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    Question How Do I Plot PaperSpace View w/ NO Offset?

    I plot from paperspace to a defined VIEW and would like to avoid using the ‘Center the Plot ‘ X and Y offsets. Although successfully plotting, I want to nail down WHY I get a persistent offset value.

    PROCEDURE (refer to the attached files)
    1. Create a frame of a known size (odd size due to being based on the printer limitations --- I think) and use it to define a view named ‘B_LANDSCAPE’
    2. PLOTOFFSET variable is set to “0”. Would like to keep this value.
    3. Use only the one View named ‘B_LANDSCAPE’
    4. Define the UCS origin at the bottom left (in Paperspace - B_SHEET tab).

    The offset issue is only when I attempt to plot B size (11” X 17”) sheets on a Lanier Multi-function Device printer.

    I have no problems (no offsets needed) w/ the HP T1100 plotter for our standard 24" x 36" Arch Landscape drawing sheet.

    After multiple tests moving around the constant size polyline frame (to define the VIEW) location, I feel like I am chasing my tail; and still must use the ‘Center the Plot’ to keep from the sheet being cropped ……

    How do I avoid this!

    Plumbing the depths of my knowledge.....I have run into a clog.
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