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    Default Portable License Tool - Same computer

    Hi Everyone,

    I have looked and searched through the site but I haven't found what I am looking for. We are reformatting 20 computers in the office in which all the licenses are standalone. So rather than try to re-authorize each license, I know I can transfer the license file to the server and back to the reformatted computer using the Portable License Utility.

    I tried it on my home computer; exported the licensee to a file using the PLU, and then tried to import it into the same computer after being reformatted. In the end the license became broken in which I had to contact Autodesk for another license.

    When doing this, what is the step by step procedure in order to make this work.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Portable License Tool - Same computer

    PLU just doesn't work about 1/2 of the time for some reason - we gave up on it.

    Is your current licensing standalone, where each license has a different S/N, or MSSA (Multi-seat Stand Alone), where each license has the same S/N?

    If the latter, then you should be able to get a code automatically from Autodesk (using online activation...), otherwise, I would just get a new auth code from Autodesk for each license - and then consider moving to MSSA....
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