Dear Friends,

Does any one knows how we can copy the entire tool Palette from one computer to another computer tool palette, i know how to copy thru the Design Centre is that

If all files are in the same folder, you can create a toolpalette using Design Center.

- Open Design Center

- In the folder tree on the left, brows to the folder containing the blocks and click on it to make it active then

- Right-click on the folder and select "Create Tool Palette of blocks" the entire blocks will be in the tool pallets as shown in a different Tab with same name folder as shown in the design center

But here again i wanted to emphasis that my question is how can i copy the tool palette from one system to another system as we are working 10CAD in one group and in one Project

Thanks a lots in advance

Binu Mathew
(Forum Of Cadd UserS-Kuwait)