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Thread: Excel Spreadsheets in AutoCAD 2002

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    Default Excel Spreadsheets in AutoCAD 2002

    Does anyone know how I can extract an Excell spreadsheet and import the information into an ACAD Schedule in acad2002 format? I have imported it as an image, but this image will not plot correctly. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Excel Spreadsheets in AutoCAD 2002


    Have a browse of the following threads (especially take notice of any links provided within) -


    pasted items not plotting


    Check out the following Technical Document on the Autodesk web site under the Knowledge Base section -

    ID: TS33804 - Improve plot quality of OLE objects

    ID: TS17736 - Pasting OLE objects as AutoCADĀ® objects


    Further searching within the Forums "Search Forums" & the "AutoCAD Knowledge Base" should turn up a lot more information on this subject.

    Have a good one, Mike
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    Default Re: Excel Spreadsheets in AutoCAD 2002

    When you paste as AutoCAD entities the lines do not come in correctly from the spreadsheet. They're a *little* off. Just get the text, not the graphics.

    I realize that you're probably not getting graphics because you're putting the info into a schedule, but I just thought I'd mention this for future viewers' reference.


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