Our office is in the process of a Revit 64 bit upgrade. Some machines are running fine, but I have a problem with the line accuracy on my machine. As I zoom in and out components, slabs and walls move all over the place. I am having columns shift 1 to 2 feet at times. I have also had models completely disappear when I am zooming way in. It is making it very hard to be sure about what is where.

Specific details:

Happens in all views.....2D and 3D

No previous issues when running Revit 32 bit on same system

System is:
64bit Dual Core
8 Megs Ram
Nvidia GeForce 6600 GT

All other Revit/Virtual Memory options are set to default.

The other machines in our office use a variety of processors and graphic cards.

Is this a driver issue? Graphics card? I hope I can get this fixed, as aside from this 64bit is flawless, and is so much faster than 32bit ran on my system.

Please help