I have a problem with MEP08. When running the following code, autocad reports errors after CLOSING the app.

Sub Get_BoxToBox_Table3()
Dim ModelSpace As AcadModelSpace
Dim Item As Variant

Set ModelSpace = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace

For Each Item In ModelSpace
If (Item.ObjectName = "AecbDbWire") Then
Dim Conn As AecbConnector
For Each Conn In Item.Connectors
Dim ConnMembers As Variant
ConnMembers = Conn.ConnectedMembers
ConnMembers = Empty
Set Conn = Nothing
End If
Item = Empty
Set ModelSpace = Nothing
End Sub

The errors are:

And :

INTERNAL ERROR: Attempt to access AecScheduleDataServices after shutdown!

If I remove the line ConnMembers = Conn.ConnectedMembers, everything is ok. The real macro works like it should, so no problem there. It seems, that some resource has been left unreleased, and when trying to release, it seems that system took already care of it.
I have tried to declare all variables, but no use.

Any ideas?