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Thread: Explode Mtext to Text

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    Default Explode Mtext to Text

    You can explode mtext to text in vba by running script, using the following code:
            ThisDrawing.SetVariable "FileDia", 0
            '  ThisDrawing.SendCommand "script" & vbCr & "H:\Scripts\" & name & vbCr
            ThisDrawing.SendCommand "explode" & vbCr
            ThisDrawing.SendCommand "all" & " " & vbCr
            ThisDrawing.SetVariable "FileDia", 1
    Is there a fancier way of doing this (preferably without a script) ?
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    Default Re: Explode Mtext to Text

    "Exploding" is more a matter of converting at the programming level. For complex objects that don't have an explode method, just copy their primitives to new objects and erase the old one.

    Another method is to run lisp from vba in order to run a command. Search this forum for vlax.cls.
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