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Thread: Dynamic Block and Insertion Point Help (Please)

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    Default Dynamic Block and Insertion Point Help (Please)

    Hello All,

    With some help from some fine people in these forums before I was able to get my first VBA code working pretty well.

    Now, me and my colleagues are looking to take this a step further. Our ulitmate goal is to be able to place a dynamic block in a drawing that has an arrow attached to it showing which direction it is facing. It would also have a number placed next to the block.

    Here are my list a questions:

    How do I set up the code to allow me to place different types of dynamic blocks?
    How do I attach the arrow so that I can also use the code to rotate it from the
    center of the block?
    How do I attach the text so that it is set in a specific direction and distance from
    the center of a particular block?

    If anyone knows where I can go to fine the answers to these questions I would appreciate it tremendously.

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    Default Re: Dynamic Block and Insertion Point Help (Please)

    On questions 2 & 3, that should be handled by the dynamic block itself. (The "arrow" part is a bit confusing, since a dynamic rotation grip is a circle. If the "arrow" is part of the block's geometry, the rotation action's selection set needs to rotate that stuff.)

    Using VBA you can only alter the DBlock's properties after it is placed. There is a collection of the dynamic properties on the BlockReference object.
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