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Thread: Drawing Revisions Number as a Field in Sheet Set Manager

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    Question Drawing Revisions Number as a Field in Sheet Set Manager

    I'm curious why there are some different fields available for the tables compared to in the s.s.m. From the Insert Sheet List Table dialog box, I have added 3 columns, one being for drawing revisions. I have selected the Drawing Revision Number field from the data type column. However, Drawing Revisions Number (from what I see) is not available as a field in the s.s.m. so I'm having trouble linking my title block revision number with the revision number displaying in the list of drawing sheets. I can create a custom field in the s.s.m that would take care of my title block, but I can't create the same custom field when I go to make my table.

    Can someone sort me out. Thanks,


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    Default Re: Drawing Revisions Number as a Field in Sheet Set Manager

    It is the Revision Number that you see in the drawing's properties dialog (DwgProps). This property is modifiable via code (VBA is my preference).
    Sub Test()
      Dim myProps As AcadSummaryInfo
      Set myProps = ThisDrawing.SummaryInfo
      myProps.RevisionNumber = 1
      Set myProps = Nothing
    End Sub

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