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Thread: Sheet Set Plotting

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    Unhappy Sheet Set Plotting

    The order of my sheets in the set manager is correct but when I go to plot 4 sets of drawings, the sheets in each set are out of order and they are not even in the same 'out of order sequence' per set. This is not good news for us. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Sheet Set Plotting

    It looks like this problem has yet to be 'fixed'
    Yet another reason to NOT buy in to the Subscription
    program, as it remove the incentive for AutoDesk
    to fix these known issues with each new release.

    This particular problem has effected the following versions
    as shown here:

    AutoCAD® 2004
    AutoCAD® 2002
    AutoCAD® 2000i
    AutoCAD® 2000
    AutoCAD LT® 2004
    AutoCAD LT® 2002
    Autodesk® Field Survey

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    Default Re: Sheet Set Plotting

    It's the problems like these that keep me from even wanting to learn sheet sets..... Maybe Autodesk will get it together....someday

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    Cool Re: Sheet Set Plotting

    I have yet to see a problem like this. When you plot do you use the Sheet Set Manager to plot, or some other manner. The several times I have used it, there has never been a problem, but I have not used it much yet.

    The first response to this thread seemed totally unrelated, unless you are plotting multiple tabs. If you setup the way AutoCAD recommends, one sheet per drawing file, maybe this would not be a problem. Can we get more information on how these drawings are setup and how you are plotting.

    I would also be interested in know how many other people are having these problems. I see this new feature as one of the best AutoCAD has come up with since paper space. It may not be perfect, but it does seem to work pretty well.
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    Default Re: Sheet Set Plotting

    Do you mean that the order of the drawings in subset are not correct?
    I have not seen this problem though. Using 2005 SP1.
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