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Thread: What is the future of commands in MDT?

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    Default What is the future of commands in MDT?

    I heard MDT is basically being retired but Autocad Mechanical is not.....

    So I am trying to find out what will happen with commands like igesin, the surfaceing commands in MDT, and the solids commands in MDT.

    Are they simply going to be eliminated?

    My problem is I have 15 years of coding (in autolisp) and as I have heard 100 time by eager Autodesk sales people "Why not just move to Inventor?" Is just not a viable option.

    So I need to know if I need to start looking for a new system.

    If I have to drop what I have, I would probably move to Cimatron or Visi as their solids and surface modeling are years ahead of inventor.


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    Default Re: What is the future of commands in MDT?

    Yes it would appear that MDT is being retired and arguably Inventer is it's replacement.

    This blog article may be worth a read.

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