Description: The development framework for control system design has metallic hardwiring integrating inside devices (eg PLCs) plus Ethernet networks. We wish the tool we use for metallic hardwiring (AutoCAD Electrical) be enhanced similarly by drawing together with the relevant technical innovations (ie UML – Unified Modelling Language). We see such support for UML in AutoCAD Electrical could be a pre-cursor to providing (device-independent) automated links to target devices and their testing.

How Used: There are a number of well-known shortcomings that are potential obstacles to good computer-aided design practice. By integrating a mainstream modelling language (ie UML – Unified Modelling Language) into AutoCAD Electrical, the framework is available for multiple industry sectors to benefit in a common way (eg top-down analysis using object oriented approach) from a single enhancement to AutoCAD Electrical. UML could then become AutoCAD Electrical’s standard means for the representation and communication of complex structure and functionality.

AutoCAD Release: AutoCAD 2009