Summary: Revision cloud properties in cloud sketch

Description: Revisions � Properties button in Cloud Sketch

How Used: Allow the user to select which revision a cloud will belong to before finishing the sketch of the cloud. This could be consistent with other sketch based tools, and provide a "Cloud Properties" button on the design bar that will allow the user to set the properties of the revision cloud before finishing the sketch.

The current system of changing this after the sketch is completed causes a problem is a revision�s visibility is set to "none". Revit may assign the new cloud to this invisible revision making the new cloud impossible to select, and adjust it�s revision. Contrary to the Revit documentation, Revit does not pick the most current revision as the default revision of new clouds, it actually picks the most current revision on the sheet, which is potentially a revision with a visibility of "none".

Feature Affinity: Drafting tools

Submitted By: Bret Thompson on August 5, 2008