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Thread: Scheduling Stacked Chairs

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    Default Scheduling Stacked Chairs

    I have a user working on furniture schedules for a project. The schedule is formatted to show the total number of each furniture family type per room. In one particular room, we would like to show that there are 379 stacked chairs, however we obviously don't want to have to copy the chair 379 times. My thought was to load in a shared family that I would array and have the number in the array as a parameter. The in the schedule I would filter out the host family, so that only the shared family would share. Does a) this make sense and/or b) anyone have a better idea?


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    Default Re: Scheduling Stacked Chairs

    You could load that chair (as a shared family) in to another family, and array the chair up 3 inches, or whatever. Use a parameter COUNT for the array, and show that in the schedule (if its a shared parameter), i suppose.

    But if youre going to bother with the array, id just make the shared chair so it doesnt show at certain levels of detail, and schedule the shared chair. Why bother filtering it out?

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