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Thread: Removings Layers in Autcad 2008LT

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    Default Removings Layers in Autcad 2008LT

    I have been producing drawing title blocks, in the process deleting ALL layers except layer 0. These are made from existing drawings and I do not know how the ayers got there, by this these draings may have come from another application. It would appear even when you purge ALL block, linetypes etc from the file you still can not delete some layers that appear not tyo have any entites on them. These blocks are then used to make template files for try of drawing we use. A business is a country land surveyor with a broad range of job types, lots of templates.

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    Default Re: Removings Layers in Autcad 2008LT

    Unless a moderator moves this, you probably are not going to get many responses since this is not the proper forum.

    Try posting here:

    As for why layers cannot be purged... See
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