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Thread: Bunch of lines

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    Default Bunch of lines

    I don't seem to get a good result in ACAD exports anymore. I used to say to Revit was better thanACAD at doing ACAD. Now I get a bunch of lines in my exports and is driving my engineers crazy. Any thoughts? Thank you.
    Armando M. Arias del Cid

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    Default Re: Bunch of lines

    What have you changed between then and now ? I'm assuming something must have changed if exports were working properly "before"

    • Export Layers File the same ?
    • Is it with 7.0 or 6.1 ?
    • Linked files being exported as XRefs ?
    • Exporting to 2000, 2004 ? Dwg / Dxf ?
    • Batch or single sheet exports ?
    • Sheets or View ?
    • WCS internal or shared ?
    Try running a test yourself by exporting a typical file, then opening it in Autocad and look at the results. Do you see the same problems your consultants see. Also, try an export and then reimport into Revit.

    There are a lot of possibilities to consider.
    Bruce Gow.

    Karel*CAD. Application Specialist..
    Revitalize. Blog

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