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Thread: Autodesk Instructor Training???

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    Default Autodesk Instructor Training???

    Hi All,

    I have absolutely no idea where to post this type of question on the AUGI forum. Rarely do I stray from the Revit section, but this something I need to ask of a larger audience.

    From 2001 to 2006, I held a position as a CAD Instructor. I taught at a high school and local community college- mostly the basics in AutoCAD, ADT, and Inventor. A couple of times a year, the county that I worked for sent me to training sessions at our local reseller. Once, a student asked the Instructor "how he knew so much", and the gentlemen replied that Autodesk provides software training for those who train.

    A few years later, I find myself in a position that is 75% training. My firm is small, but we are owned by a very large (2,000+) multi-discipline enterprise that has started to implement BIM.

    So, does anyone in AUGI-world know how one could get access to "Instructor-Grade" training?


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    Default Re: Autodesk Instructor Training???

    First, try talking to your reseller. You mentioned that you taught at a couple of schools, and there is the "trick" if there is one. Are you still on their payroll? Are you still considered an Adjunct? Do you still have an active "edu" email address? If any of the above are true, you may still be able to qualify for discounted training for the trainer, most likely provided by the reseller as before. Of course, I am assuming the reseller you talk to has an Educational division and is still actively working with one of the schools you taught.

    As a result of my own teaching experience with at least one Community College, I've been talking with the reseller who provides the college their software, and as long as I still have some "proof" that I am still an instructor "on paper," I qualify for the discounted training that they offer. Note I have yet to take advantage of this, but I know for a fact that instructors do get access to a LOT of training so that they stay current--at least in the capacity of being able to teach a new product or version--the problem is most instructors don't take advantage of it

    Another point to make is that if you happen to have an opportunity to teach at an ATC (Autodesk Training Center), that would open up even more doors for you. The same Community College I mentioned earlier applied to be an ATC at one point, and while I was teaching there, I was listed as one of their authorized/approved trainers. As a result, I got access to a special Autodesk website...OTW (One Team Web) I think it was...that allowed me to take FREE online training in any course I wanted. I specifically remember going to the school one night, and using their equipment to participate in online AutoCAD 2005 training. Not only do I still have a lot of notes from that experience, I have special handouts and so forth that I downloaded from the site, which was geared towards trainers and improving their ability to teach/train the new version (at the time) of the software. I imagine this is probably the resource that the instructor you mentioned was talking about

    I guess my best advise to you would be to talk to the school(s) where you teach/taught and see what you can find out. Get the name and contact of the reseller that provides them their software licenses. As a side note, ACES is typically the package the schools get, which includes like 7 or 8 different pieces of software typically. If you ask the right people about it at the school, which may include someone in the IT dept, they may understand better what you are talking about. Anyway, see if you qualify for the discounted training and get on their distribution list so you know the upcoming schedule. If your relationship with the school is still good, maybe you could even approach them about helping out with the cost? Doubtful, but can't hurt to ask...and if the school happens to be an ATC, you need to see about becoming one of their approved trainers and get access to OTW.

    Another suggestion would be to utilize the Autodesk Student Community website. Once again, if you have an EDU email address to use, you can register on that site and get access to Educational versions of the software, as well as curricula and other related info. I don't think you will find any free training on there, but you might...Google it to get started.

    Since I don't work for Autodesk, I'm certainly not the resident matter expert, but I've worked for 3 different resellers and taught at 4 different higher learning institutions. Hopefully my own experiences will help steer you in the right direction. If you learn there is another way, I would certainly be interested in hearing about it!

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