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Thread: Roof Object Hints & Tips

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    Default Roof Object Hints & Tips

    Ah great !! I can still edit this post --- updated for youtube

    Anyone in residential work should benefit from these tips, tricks and hidden secrets on the mysterious roof object. It can do more than you think it can!

    Roof Object playlist
    my Blog page of the same video's embedded.

    Nothing to sell. only share!

    more to come.

    and my original post (note; I continued to find new tricks and some of the ideas below I posted are now outdated).

    Hi to the ACA/ADT community.

    I've posted this file (ACA '07 format) for newbies and also for those into
    residential. I wanted to share what I found out whilst playing with the RO for my blog
    articles. I think it'll help alot.


    If you already knew this trick then great but it's not common knowledge.
    Why didn't you tell me?
    If you have some tricks of your own that you're prepared to share then
    please append to this post. We can help each other!

    If you are happy using slabs thats okay too. But you may learn something
    new that will help you in the sketch designing phase.

    (let me know if you want it in 04 or previous format. Of course the AEC
    items will be stuffed but all the tricks work back at least to 3.3 but
    probably ever since the roof object was introduced. You can xref in and trace
    the examples or at least follow them.

    Update>>> follow the roof label link below for corrections to even this post. No one knew what this critter could do.

    Best to ya
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    Last edited by neje; 2012-05-01 at 02:43 PM. Reason: I was wrong!! Again - Added Youtube links

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    Default Re: Roof Object Hints & Tips

    Update: the roof object will also overlap itself, something no one appears to know that it could do including Adesk and even the creator himself. check out the posts here for how to have the RO overlap, overhang, underlap etc. Also how to cut holes in the RO.


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