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Thread: Rev Block for Construction Issue

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    Default Rev Block for Construction Issue

    Normally, when we Issue for Construction, the Rev number is "0".
    As far as I know, REVIT only allows you to choose Alphabetic, Numeric and none.
    I have been using "none", but have been getting flak.

    Beside typing in a "0", is there a way to overide the revision settings for Numeric?
    Is this a know issue that will be resolved soon?

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    Default Re: Rev Block for Construction Issue

    This is an oversight in the program.

    There is no numeric override, you could us the letter O....

    I actually added a rev 0 switch into my templates, which when checked will show the rev number as 0 when I select the checkbox

    I set the revision parameter type to none, and I have a similar checkbox for the rev schedule, but it only works on the default position of where you place it on the titleblock, and I found that I still needed to override that with text if I have preceding revisions.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help, but if your bosses want rev 0, this is pretty much it for now until we can convince Autodesk that 0 is a valid revision number.
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