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Thread: Revit Architecture 2009 VSTA Macro Manager Bug?

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    Default Revit Architecture 2009 VSTA Macro Manager Bug?


    I've been creating document-level macros with Revit Architecture 2009. After saving and successfully building the applications, they do not show up in the Macro listing. When I save the Revit project, then re-open it, the macros are not there. Sometimes, macros that have been deleted reappear in the application listing.

    The VSTA documentation states that document-level macros are imbedded within the Revit project.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, do you have a solution?
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    Default Re: Revit Architecture 2009 VSTA Macro Manager Bug?

    I had the same trouble and it took me forever to figure it out! Make sure that after you do your code that you do F5(build) then save. If code does not pass the Build function it will not load in macro manager! Then what I did was Delete one of the sample macros from the macro list. Revit should give you a prompt back verifying that you want to delete it thats ok. Then the screen blinks refreshing the list. When you pick again on 'Doc CSharp' it should refresh the list showing your macro. It seems to ONLY refresh the list when you use the 'delete' button. Autodesk was no help because i emailed support on my end and they refer you to the help manual which says nothing of this bug!! There are bugs in the macro manager! If this doesn't work, create a new sample macro project and start over. Hope this helps. This is what I do know.

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