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Thread: Expand BOM Functionality to Derived Parts

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    Default Expand BOM Functionality to Derived Parts

    Summary: Allow the original parts BOM values to be accessed in Derived components.

    Description: I would like to have the BOM-Functionality to be expanded across derived components. We use the derived component to define e.g. the milling of a cast part. It should be possible to set the type of a ready part to tomething like "phanthom" and gather the information of the cast part (or asm) in the BOM-List.

    How Used: With the BOM-Functionality across derived components i could select by the type i chose, if the parent-part would appear in the BOM or not (e.g. mirrored parts). If the parent of the derived component is an assembly the components of the assembly should also appear in the BOM.

    Feature Affinity: Assemblies

    Submitted By: Tobias Angermaier on October 15, 2008

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    I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish here. My opinion is that the current set of tools that control what's in the IDW parts list(s) is rudimentary at best, and that what you are looking to accomplish is a small part of the more pervasive enhancements that are needed.

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    Default Re: Expand BOM Functionality to Derived Parts

    We could use this feature. We will sometimes use the derived part for a weldment, then do secondary operations to the weldment. With the derived part, we can't get a complete parts list, it will show only show the one part once it is derived.

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