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Thread: Annotative Scaling is BROKE

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    Default Annotative Scaling is BROKE

    Is it just me or is annotative scaling still in it's infancy? I've found nothing but problems with annotative text/hatch/blocks. It seems like 60% of the time I've got to save & reopen a drawing to make annotative objects *work*. Can anybody show me the magic button? Because I'm trying to push an office of stubborn old-timers into the present, but when I demonstrate half of this stuff I wind up looking like an idiot when the blocks/hatch/text don't respond properly. For instance:

    -Insert dynamic annotative callout block. Manipulate dynamic grips. Block disappears, grips remain visible. Hit ESC; block reappears but dynamic geometry has not changed. Fixes itself upon AUDIT or when drawing is restarted.

    -Edit hatch to be annotative. Hatch either disappears completely (yes, anno scale is correct), or hatch origin is lost, annihilating hatch geometry (AR-CONC).

    Any input, or is this on par?

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    Default Re: Annotative Scaling is BROKE

    Not magic, but do an audit. You don't need to fix the errors (a bit quicker I think).
    Here's the response from Support when I contacted them about the problem.
    Thank you for contacting Autodesk Support. This issue has been logged with our Development team, in the form of a change request, for further investigation and a resolution. At this time the workaround is to audit the file after a save is performed to restore the editing capability.

    I am linking this case to the known defect. We appreciate your patience as we work on resolution.

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    Default Re: Annotative Scaling is BROKE

    it was introduced in 08, so depending on what version you are on, yes, it still is in its infancy. annotative hatch is improved somewhat in 09, and I havent been using 10 long enough to know how annotative properties have improved. I'm just happy hatch is easier to grip edit.
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