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Thread: Has Autocad dropped support for OLE Excel Charts?

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    Default Has Autocad dropped support for OLE Excel Charts?

    Let me preface this with this is not a Table, I'm speaking of a chart.

    I don't see anyone dealing with putting in an Excel Chart into Autocad, and until now, I haven't had to do it myself. But I have a person here who deals with this daily, and we have updated to MS Office 2007....

    In the past with Excel 03 and Autocad 2008, we would paste in an OLE listed as Microsoft Excel Chart, but now with MSOE 07, the OLE object when I do a paste special is listed as a MSOE Chart, but the properties are listed as a MSOE Worksheet. This wouldn't normally catch my eye on something so small, but the problem is that the charts are not working the same in Autocad. The older 03 chart has a nice crisp look to the line and grid lines, but as soon as someone picks it to open or update, it switches to the new 07 worksheet and looks nasty. I have tried to play with the lineweights in Excel to thin the lines, but that doesn't work. It has to be with MS and Autocad's use of a OLE object.

    Can anyone think of where to look to find some information on this? Would it be a Autocad problem with OLE compatibility, or is this an Excel problem? I hope it's Autocad, cause I doubt I would ever get an anywhere with MS!

    I put in a PDF so you can see the difference.

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    Default Re: Has Autocad dropped support for OLE Excel Charts?

    Unfortunately it sounds like an Excel problem, it seems Excel 2007 places the chart on Clipboard as a Worksheet object. Why M$ would change that is probably a good question for them . But as you say, good luck trying to find any answers!

    Otherwise you could of course use something like BullZip / PDFCreator to print the chart to a PNG then insert that into AutoCAD. But obviously this can't be a "Linked" connection like with OLE

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