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    Question Recent Files List

    Is there any way to clear the recent files list when you first open Revit? I like the feature but it seems to get cluttered and I would like to clean it up.

    Anyone have any ideas??


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    Default Re: Recent Files List

    The info is stored in the Revit.ini file. Not really simeple to go in there and manually edit it just to clear the list.

    I do like Photoshop's "Clear Recent" on the Open Recent command. Good for starting fresh between projects.
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    Default Re: Recent Files List

    Go into you Revit.ini file and search for [Recent File List] Below that are several lines starting with File1=, File2=, File3=
    Default is thru File16=
    Just delete the lines past the number you want and you will be left with a shorter list. The inverse also goes in the case that you wanted more recent files listed.
    Also if you want the list to repopulate then only delete the path following FileX=

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