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Thread: Layer State Mgr in 2004...

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    Default Layer State Mgr in 2004...

    On my conveyor base drawing, I have the layers separated by three floors, Arrivals, Interstitial, and Departures....So when I go into my state mgr, I restore the appropriate conveyor background to work on that level. When I xref it into a sheet file, It looses its state mgr settings..meaning I have to go, one by one, and turn on or off the appropriate conveyors according to the sheet. Is there a way to keep state mgr as an option when xref'ing? or is that another special feature I am missing out on which is available in 2k5?

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    Default Re: Layer State Mgr in 2004...


    Are we talking Layer States created within the Layer Dialog Box or with the Express Tools command LMan?

    Tell the truth it doesn't matter from the results I've just obtained via either method -

    In your "conveyor base drawing" create the Layer States as normal

    Export each Layer State to a file (Layer Dialog Box = .LAS / LMan = .LAY)

    Open each Layer State file in a Text Editor (eg Notepad)

    Rename each Layer Name to it's Xref Name ie XrefDrawingName|LayerName

    Open "sheet file"

    Xref in "conveyor base drawing"

    Import the newly edited Layer State files

    Set Current / Restore (depending on method used)

    Layer State for Xref file "conveyor base drawing" should now be set correctly.

    Have a good one, Mike

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