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Thread: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

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    Default Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    Why can't the Plot Stamp, when active, show up "WYSIWYG" in the Plot Preview?

    That way I would know it is "on" and just what it will look like when plotted.

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    Default Re: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    Yes, please.

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    Default Re: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    Good idea

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    Default Re: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    I agree... and to take that one step farther, why not allow the viewable PLOTSTAMP to be right-click edited or edited through the Properties dialog box or simply double-clicked on to bring up the PLOTSTAMP dialog box.

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    Default Re: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    Land Desktop has a revision tracking utility that allows you to put a daystamp in the drawing. It shows the drawing path and name as well as the date and time of the last save (sorry - no user info). Through the revision settings, you set the daystamp to update before the drawing is closed (if you have made changes to the drawing) and you can set it to update before plotting.

    This utility also includes the "Drawing Manager". I will quote directly from the help dialog...

    "When the Drawing Manager is in use, changes are entered into the time log whenever a New, Open, Save, or Save As command from the File menu/Command line is used to save or exit the drawing. Revisions are not entered as they are made. The drawing must be saved in order for revisions to be updated. If the Discard Changes option is selected when using the New or Open commands, the revision changes are lost as well. Any revisions made after the last time the drawing was saved are not reflected in any of the time logs. When entering an existing drawing with the Drawing Manager enabled, prompts for the initials of the person making the changes are displayed. This keeps the Drawing Manager updated with the revisions being made."

    Also with Drawing Manager, you can display time info/time logs, you can add revision bars, you can identify who created an object, highlight objects created by a selected editor or objects created on a revision level.

    This is a very powerful tool...perhaps it could be integrated with "vanilla" ACAD.

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    Default Re: Plot Stamp Visable in Plot Preview

    I think this is a good idea but it may be past it's time.

    We are currently upgrading to LDT 2005. I plan on incorporating a plot stamp made up of mtext and fields. The advantage to this method is you can easily use different fonts and locations on different sheets.

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