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Thread: how to get an entity's object data and change another entity's object data?

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    Default how to get an entity's object data and change another entity's object data?

    My program is under autodeskmap2005 and c#2005.I want to get an entity's object data ,and then set this entity's object data to another entity.Now I don't know how to get the object data from an entity .Please help me!Thank you very much!

    Sorry for my poor english.

    My code is list as follows:
    //select source entity
    object select = null;
    object basePnt = null;
    acadApp.ActiveDocument.Utility.GetEntity(out select, out basePnt, "select source entity:");
    AcadEntity sourceEntity = select as AcadEntity;
    //select target entity 
    object select2 = null;
    object basePnt2 = null;
    acadApp.ActiveDocument.Utility.GetEntity(out select2, out basePnt2, "select target entity:");
    AcadEntity targetEntity= select2 as AcadEntity;
    // get datatable of sourceentity
    AutocadMAP.AcadMap map = acadApp.GetInterfaceObject("AutoCADMap.Application") as AcadMap; AutocadMAP.Project p = map.Projects.Item(0);
    string sourceEntityTableName = "";
    //how to get sourceentity's objectdata's tablename?I cann't work it out.
    AutocadMAP.ODTable table = p.ODTables.Item(sourceEntityTableName);
    AutocadMAP.ODRecords records = table.GetODRecords();
    records.Init(targetEntity, true, false);
    //assign sourceentity's objectdata to targetEntity;
    I didn't test the sentence.This sentence must be wrong
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