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Thread: Annotation family scaling?

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    Default Annotation family scaling?

    What is the scale ratio for an annotation family?

    I'm trying to create a light fixture with some symbolic information to display when we plot our plans so as to match our standard lighting symbols. The problem is I can't quite figure out the scale difference between creating the object as an annotation family and bring it in to the light fixture family so that it is the appropriate size.

    The only other option I have is to create a symbolic fill in the light fixture family, but that does not seem possible.

    Anyone have any ideas where to go on this?

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    Default Re: Annotation family scaling?

    This is the way I understand it... and I could be wrong.

    The scale ratio depends on the scale of the view in which the annotation is used. Annotations will always print the same size, no matter what scale the view is set to display. So... when you create the annotation, make sure you draw it full-scale. Then, in the fixture family and in the project, it will appear to scale up or down depending on view scale. In reality, everything else is scaling, whereas the annotation stays the same size.

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