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Thread: Visual Studio Edit and Continue Revit 2010

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    Default Visual Studio Edit and Continue Revit 2010


    I have a small project that I have upgraded from Revit 2009 to Revit 2010, simply by changing the RevitAPI.dll file and folder locations. The code runs fine, and breaks fine, but the Edit and Continue (EnC) features do not function anymore. I changed by project referenced back to 2009 and EnC worked again.

    Does anybody know why Revit 2010 does not EnC for me? Can you get EnC to work for you in 2010? It is a vital tool for those of use learning the API as we go along, especially when it takes over 2 minutes to open Revit each time (older machine).



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    Default Re: Visual Studio Edit and Continue Revit 2010

    I submitted this to ADN recently, because I had also been annoyed by it.
    Unfortunately - they came back with the standard answer when you're out of luck - "This cannot be addressed because it requires engineering time - if you would like to submit a business case...".

    Oh boy. It's going to be a LONG year.


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