I'm working in Land Desktop 2005. I have an existing ground surface and three aligments made. I made existing ground profiles of two of those alignments, with no problems at all, but when I tried to sample the surface for the third alignment, I got the following message. I have tried rebooting, recover and audit, but I keep getting the same message. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated...here's the message:

Alignment Name: 130 Number: 3 Descr: @ STA 130+00
Starting Station: 31.3090 Ending Station: 193.3367
Beginning station <31.309>:

Ending station <193.3367>:

Sampling terrain data from the surface.
Scanning Cross section Input.

Current surface: exgrnd

Group: 130 Section: 31.309000; error: Exception occurred: 0xC0000005 (Access

General Exception occurred, caught in acrxEntryPoint() in AecCivilDtm (DT).cpp