Currently i have multiple layout tabs within my CAD drawings.

I am using a scriptpro to run a script which extracts the data to a *.txt file. Then using excel i update the information. Run a different script that re-inserts the data.

The command below only popluates the lowest alpha/numeric tab and i need the data on every tab
(setq AtTag_list (list "CADFILE" "DRAWNO" "TOTALSHEET"))
I use this command for block attributes that change per file.

The command below populates across ALL tabs (which is desired), but i cannot import/export using this command (that i have seen).
(mod_BlkAtTag Tblk_Name "MODEL" "MX2011")
I only use this command to popluate block attributes that never changes across the several CAD files.

I searched the forum hoping to find an answer to this question, but i was unable to find one.

Is it possible to use a list command and popluate every tab within one drawing with the same list of data?

Any advice is appreciated.