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    Question CAD Mode

    I believe Autodesk removed the CAD mode from CAMduct. This is causing our workshop detailer a certain amount of grief in that he is finding the new interface more cumbersome. He is very reluctent to move to 2013 without this feature as he was encourage by TSI to use this method of entry.

    Does anyone know if there has been any discussion about this or if Autodesk is concidering putting it back.

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    any body can help me
    can you help me in ductcam i install 2014 iwant use it with flatbed cnc
    when i try to write nc file the program use just one tool i want it use cutter and v tool i dont know how to do that

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    James, we've experienced this same issue and now for our 2014 install, it appears to be the same. We don't like it.

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